Ken is the founder of Veterans Radio Net formed in 2012 and he has a regular weekday show from 7am until 10am every morning.



Hi Peep's

Sapper Ken here, that's right the old bugger responsible for all this.

I served 9 years in the Royal Engineers, I'm a Falklands War Veteran and PTSD suffer.

I present regular show during the week as well as a few Specials some evenings.

My musical taste covers just about every thing but I'm big into the 60's/70's, the Blues and Motown.

Two of the things I am most proud of at VeteransRadioNet are

1: The Presenters, all volunteers they do a Great job

2: The tag given to VRN by it's listeners, "VeteransRadioNet The NAAFI of the Air Waves"

Drop in some time soon and find out what it's all about.

Ken Campbell

Veterans Radio Net is licenced under PPL and PRS as an online broadcasting service