Veterans Radio Net is licenced under PPL and PRS as an online broadcasting service

George Coyle

After joining JLRRA at 16 and a half and 1yrs training there based at Nuneaton I was Posted to Germany BFPO 16 Padderbourn, 39 Heavy Regiment Royal Artillery for 7yrs leaving having travelled the world with various postings.


Music has always been a big part of my life from a very young age I can remember my first record I bought was a Top Of The Pops album in 1976. I got into Community radio through friends inviting me to join there charity internet radio station just to help out in the office but after 6 weeks I was broadcasting live 5 days a week and never looked back, they helped me through a very hard time as I have PTSD and I wasn’t very well at the time and here I am 2yrs later.


I am defo an 80’s boy everything from Abba to ZZ Top and everything in between although I do struggle with Opera but open to all genres with the exceptions of thrash metal and the BOOM BOOM dance stuff.

But I am really into the proper Brit scene from the 60’s to the original Indy bands like The Stone Roses, Charlitains, Happy Mondays, Kassabian etc.