Vangillia (Charlie) Hatton

Hi folks, my Name is Vangillia Hatton (nee Caven) short version is Vangi.

Born and raised in Southport England.

Couple of jobs one in a night club called Tiffany's. Loved music from a very young age, playing records for my neighbour's in the Summer.

I joined the RAF (WRAF) back in October 1979 as a driver MTD. After Hereford basic, was at

St Athan for tech school. Learnt how to drive then went to Linton on Ouse (booze as we called it). My only camp with lots of great memories and laughs.

Was christened Charlie with a bottle of Charlie perfume! Been my nickname for folk that can not say my name

Came out the RAF in January 1983, and moved to join my mum in California USA. Been here ever since. I worked in the phone company as customer service and California transportation as a dispatcher in the winter. (can not get away from snow and ice clearing lol)

Few other jobs, but now work from home with my own business, and a caretaker for my soon to be 91 year old mum.

Was married 22 years, but now remain good friends.
Looking forward to my journey with VRN. My love of music are oldies 70's motown, but love some new music, but not rap.

My favourite song, is Tavares, Don't take away the music.