Steve (Cooperman) Jones

Hi everyone

This is Steve ‘Cooperman’ Cooper. I was born at an early age and was called Stephen Jones at birth, however, having spent many years in the licenced trade and entertaining customers, I got the name ‘Cooperman’ by playing music, singing and doing impressions of Tommy Cooper!

The name stuck ‘just like that’ and Steve ‘Cooperman’ Cooper has been with me for an awfully long time.

So please, please call me Cooperman or Steve Cooper – I insist, my Mum always said we were related to Tommy anyway (Mum was a Cooper too)

I have always loved all kinds of music and have sung and played instruments with various bands throughout my life, and now after 5 years grounding in Hospital radio and then a year or so doing a daily afternoon show and my Sounds of 60s & 70s show on commercial Radio, I hope that the listeners on Veterans Radio Net will enjoy a weekly trip back in time to the 60s and 70s.

Allow me to fire those nostalgia cells for you, or even introduce you to some really great music.