Tom Lawrence

Name is Tom Lawrence; most people in Egypt call me Lawrence as “Tom” translates to garlic in Arabic!

Ex-Royal Artillery did the usual postings in the late 70s, early 80s, mainly based in BAOR (Hildesheim) with tours in NI.

Studied archaeology after leaving the army but ended up in construction.

Part-time singer since the 70s occasionally with bands but mainly solo doing the Northern club circuit which, sadly, is almost defunct now.

Lived in Egypt since 1998 and working in Project management.

I had a recording studio in Alexandria for 14 years producing singers and radio, with a couple of presenting slots that I did.

Musically my tastes are very eclectic and wide-ranging. If people ask my favourite band or song I never give the same answer twice.

I am happily married to Samia with 2 daughters and a Golden Retriever.