Greta 'Moments'

While doing my A-levels I was a police cadet, which I thoroughly enjoyed and my proudest moment was marching on Remembrance Sunday, a very special moment.

For a career, I went into architectural design, I am very proud of the work that my team and I did; we get to walk around London, point at buildings and say we designed this! Pretty awesome huh… However, a year ago my passion for the tech industry took over and I decided to change my career.

In terms of radio, I never thought that I could host a show on radio until I read a book by Phillip Schofield “Life’s What You Make It”. That book gave me the confidence to try, and I ended up presenting the breakfast show on Anglian Hits Radio.

When it comes to my favourite song, well it keeps changing like the weather. Therefore, my playlist has a little bit of everything. But right now, let's go with