John Ryan

John became a DJ when he started a mobile disco in the 70s and 80s with a couple of friends. Private parties including a celebrity celebration, fêtes and post show parties, weddings and Birthdays. - All the usual stuff.

John’s career started in his late teens when he joined the Home Office in the Directorate of Telecoms, working with the emergency services, which rudely interrupted his plans for world domination as a DJ. Still in communications and technology he spent the next 27 years working for the MoD alongside law enforcement and various military services, his favourite being the Royal Air Force.

Following his retirement John lives in Central England, spends his time doing voluntary work and is delighted to return to life behind the turntable. John has an eclectic taste in music and enjoys all good music 'across the genres and the decades'. He appreciates talent and so particularly enjoys different versions of the same tracks.

[I enjoy seeing real talent. This is a great cover and an excellent example of incredible skill ...]