Claire Cottingham

My son Callum introduced me to VRN.

I started listening in on Callum's shows but soon started listening to other presenters.

I now regularly log in to listen and chat away. One of the presenters said about me doing a show. I was reluctant to start, (technology and myself don't get along plus I'm very shy)... Some other presenters joined in saying I should do a show so eventually I presented a joint show with Callum.

Callum did the tech side and I absolutely loved it so here I am...

I'm from and live in Peterborough. I still have two sons at home. Two have left the nest and sadly one has passed on.

I'm also an Avon representative, through Avon I have qualified as a beauty advisor platinum level.

I'm just hoping I don't break any equipment while broadcasting or press the right buttons but in the wrong order!!