Joseph Adam-Smith

Joe is a relative newcomer to veterans’radionet.  And, when sober, is able to present a Monday morning show and a Tuesday lunchtime show.

Joe learnt about radio presenting whilst serving with the Royal Military Police when he was allowed to actually speak into a microphone.  His abilities to enlighten his (meagre) audience with intellectual track links are obviously a result of his “monkeying” around.  Joe also attended a University course with Paisley University where he, somehow, attained a Ba (Hons) in media studies.  His lecturers have never forgiven him for lowering the tone of the course.....

He is married to Jane – who comes from the Paisley area.  To date, VRN has not held that against her – only her desire to listen to Robbie Williams.

Joe and Jane presently live in Lesvos with their two dogs, three (and increasing) cats.  And their flying Jimny.

Despite Joe’s love of Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd is still able to play music