Brian Hawkins

I was an army cadet as a teenager with the Royal Artillery and eventually joined the Royal Army Service Corps as a regular soldier. I first got a taste of radio broadcasting with BFBS Cyprus where I was a regular DJ whilst serving with the UN and I enjoyed that experience very much (as well as the sunbathing!)

On returning to the UK I was posted to Germany where the Royal Signals fitted a disco in the NAAFI and I DJ’d there on a regular basis. Even after leaving the regulars, I DJ’d at local events, our residents’ association club nights, birthdays and weddings etc. I even had a small part in the early 80s Madness film ‘Take It Or Leave It, playing - yes, you guessed it - a DJ!

After we moved to Norfolk in 2016, I found a spot at the local community radio station, Brecks FM and happily spent every day broadcasting to the great and the good of mid-Norfolk for two hours from their studio in Watton.

I’ve always loved music and my wife, who loves The Beatles, rock, indie and heavy metal has introduced me to many other bands and genres that I may not have listened to otherwise, so my musical taste has definitely expanded over the years.

We both enjoy seeing bands live and have traveled far and wide to see such names as Rammstein, The Mission, Paul McCartney, Spandau Ballet, The Rolling Stones and many others.

My profile picture was taken by Kim Hawkins.

My favourite song is

All I have by

Beth Nielsen Chapman