Ken Campbell

Ken is the founder of Veterans Radio Net formed in 2012  and he has a regular weekday show from 7am until 10am every morning.

Hi Peep's

Sapper Ken here, that's right the old bugger responsible for all this.

I served 9 years in the Royal Engineers, I'm a Falklands War Veteran and PTSD suffer.

I present regular show during the week as well as a few Specials some evenings.

My musical taste covers just about every thing but I'm big into the 60's/70's, the Blues and Motown.

Two of the things I am most proud of at VeteransRadioNet are

1: The Presenters, all volunteers they do a Great job

2: The tag given to VRN by it's listeners, "VeteransRadioNet The NAAFI of the Air Waves"

Drop in some time soon and find out what it's all about.